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RomanoxSick!Reader Smile: Part Three
Even when you’re gone, somehow you come along
just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack
And just like that, you steal away the rain
and just like that…

“…the stuffing is done!” Feliciano exclaimed, “It’s a lot easier than it looks.”
Romano’s fifteen minutes had now turned into twenty-five, and Feliciano was getting worried about the calamari. If it sat out raw for too much longer, Romano’s gift to (Reader) was going to be a lovely case of food poisoning. The only thing that would upset Romano more than his brother stealing the birthday dinner was (Reader) getting sick from anything he prepared. (Reader) already spent too much of her life hunched over the toilet bowl from Ménière’s vertigo spells and a family that was medically negligent. Adding to (Reader)’s sickness in any capacity was the last thing Romano wanted to do, but such was inevitable if the calamari was not stuffed and boiled
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RomanoxSick!Reader Smile: Part Two
You make me smile like the sun
fall out of bed, sing like a bird
dizzy in my head…

“…spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night,” (Reader) sang with the radio as she fluttered out of her fitting room. “Smile” by Uncle Kracker was sweet even when her crushes were limited to celebrity fantasies. Meeting Romano made the song so adorable that (Reader) could not sit still. The caffeinated butterflies from the touch of Romano’s hand returned to lift her from the ground and send her into an enamored tizzy.
“Erm, isn’t that the opposite of how you want to feel on your birthday?” Michelle asked.
“Oh come on, guys, it’s just the song! It just makes me happy and want to bounce all over the place because it sounds like cuteness and falling in love.”
Mabel could not contain her laughter and nearly fell out of her power chair. (Reader) leapt across the floor, the skirt of her dress twirling as she danced the
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RomanoxSick!Reader Smile: Part One
You’re better than the best
I’m lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler than the flip side of my pillow
That’s right

“Are you done dicing those tomatoes yet, Buttcrotch?” Romano yelled from the living room. The fish market line was longer than he expected, and time was running out to prepare (Reader)’s birthday dinner.
“They better be fucking perfect by the time I reach the kitchen.”
“You want bruschetta, caprese, and homemade marinara sauce,” Feliciano whimpered, “That requires two dozen tomatoes. How quickly do you expect me to dice them?”
“Quick enough that I can finish this food before (Reader) gets here. Mabel and Michelle won’t be able to keep her out forever. Everything in this apartment has to be perfect for (Reader)’s birthday, especially after how her cagna(1) of a mother fucked it up.”
“I wish I could say I was surprised, but it’s just li
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RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break (6)
Don’t want to break your heart, want to give your heart a break
I know you’re scared it’s wrong, like you might make a mistake
There’s just one life to live and there’s no time to waste
So let me give your heart a break

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains depression, suicidal ideations, discussion of suicide attempts, and bathtub nudity
The bathroom was coated in a gentle layer of steam as the bath continued to fill with hot water. Hesitantly, Romano moved towards the tub, undecided if he should take off his pajamas. Self-consciousness gripped every inch of his body, keeping him frozen in place while (Reader) gestured for him to join her. It wasn’t that he was afraid she would hate his body—(Reader) always whispered “sei perfetto” every time she pleasured him with her hands. Instead, Romano was scared of having someone so close to him in such a vulnerable moment. War between conflicting emotions gripped body and mind as
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Mature content
RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break (5) :iconvideodreams:VideoDreams 5 3
RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break (4)
The world is ours if you want it
We can take it, if you just take my hand
There's no turning back now
Baby try to understand

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains depression and suicidal ideations
A flying door announced Romano’s furious arrival into the apartment. Intermingling sweat and tears dripped down his puffy face, accented by heavily bloodshot eyes. The shock of (Momname)’s words had drained several layers of warmth from his sun kissed skin, and replaced them with a seasick green. Any caffeine from the espresso had now worn off, leaving Romano with a limp as his chorea returned with a vengeance. How Romano made it from (Reader)’s house in the suburbs back to the city, he was not sure. Walking from the garage to the guest room was like climbing a mountain, and that was barely any distance at all.
Feliciano, of course, was terrible at reading the atmosphere and greeted Romano with a chipper smile.
Fratello!” Feliciano exclaimed, “Ho
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RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break (3)
A Sunday you went home alone
There were tears in your eyes
I called your cell phone, my love
But you did not reply

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains depression and suicidal ideations in later parts
Sunday dinner with (Reader)’s family seemed to fare better than Romano expected. In spite of his rage at (Momname), Romano had restrained himself well enough to prevent a screaming match from happening over dinner. (Momname) made a point of preparing spaghetti with marinara sauce and meatballs, having been warned about Romano’s finicky tastes. Before anybody could sit down to eat, Romano helped (Dadname) adjust the dining table so everyone was sitting closer together. Romano wanted to be certain (Reader) could hear the conversation, hating how dejected she felt when she could not hear him and her dad. Two candles were lit in the middle of the table and the chandelier overhead was dimmed to create a dreamy glow. (Reader) wished her family would disappear so she could gaze a
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RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break(2)
Don't wanna break your heart
Wanna give your heart a break
I know your scared it's wrong
Like you might make a mistake

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains depression and suicidal ideations in later parts
Romano pulled into (Reader)’s driveway five minutes earlier, but could not bring himself to even think about leaving the car. Just looking at her home made him feel queasy. (Reader) insisted her family was part of America’s “upper middle class”, but from the perspective of a farm-based nation they might as well be millionaires. Two Toyotas in the garage, and a Chevrolet beside an Audi in the driveway. A fenced-in backyard with several trees, a vegetable patch, and a rainbow of blossoms in the flower garden. The only thing that gave Romano comfort the green-coated metal stakes in the patch and the clusters of tomatoes hanging off their vines. Backyard solace was short-lived after Romano took a better look at (Reader)’s house.
In spite of being a split-
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RomanoxSick!Reader Give Your Heart a Break (1)
The day I first met you
You told me you never fall in love
But now that I get you
I know fear is what it really was
CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains depression and suicidal ideations in later parts
Most people would kill to have the privileges given to the human manifestations that ran the World Conference. Immortality, save for country dissolution and extreme physical violence. Constant employment and health coverage. Eternally steady income. Payment for all academic endeavors if the boss approved. Global travel. Any one of these gifts would have been satisfactory—to have two or even three would have been a miracle. From afar, it seemed as though human manifestations had the perfect lives and very little about which to complain.
Life as a nation however, was gloomier than any member in the World conference would admit. In the face of political, economic, and natural disasters, each one of them shouldered the burden. Human bosses made all the final decisions, but the nati
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Hetaloid!EnglandxReader Wrong Impression (Songfic)
Calling out, calling out, haven’t you wondered
Why I’m always alone when you’re in my dreams
Calling out, calling out, haven’t you wondered
Why you find it hard just looking at me?
I want you, but I want you to understand
I leave you, I love you

Winter break was supposed to be a relief from University of Magic at the World Academy, yet (Reader) wanted nothing more than to go back. Spells would have been a welcome distraction from endless agony after Arthur broke her heart. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t find a reason why he unexpectedly abandoned her. Arthur the only boy she truly loved from their first class together four years ago, and her best friend for three. He may have been cold to her at first, but such changed when she stole his scones from the dormitory fridge. Never had (Reader) been more surprised when Arthur was delighted to see someone actually liked his cooking, rather than angry someone stole his snacks. Since then, they
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Mature content
RomanoxSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part Six :iconvideodreams:VideoDreams 3 0
RomanoxSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part Five
Every now and then
I feel your peacefulness surround me
Then once again it all goes
Up and down and over under
Round and around

LIME CONTENT ADVISORY: Nudity, sexual themes
Puddle-like footprints were left across the apartment hallways as (Reader) and Romano trudged back to Feliciano’s apartment. The rain had progressed into a full downpour in which (Reader) wanted to wash her hair.
“(Reader), sei paz—io so quella riposta,” Romano grumbled, “You are crazy. Why else would you want to wash your hair in filthy water?”
“Because it’s just like a shower outside. Don’t you think so?”
“No, it’s cold, it’s too soft, and it’s dirty as shit. With all the filth you Americans put in the air, you’d have to shower twice!”
“Is that really such a bad thing?” (Reader) hinted. Missing the eyebrows, Romano missed her cue.
“Yes, you’d get sick from being too cold, an
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RomanoxSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part Four
Make it fast, make it slow
Just forget what you know
Yes that's the way it goes

“…Let’s start with you telling me about the mustache plan. I’ve only heard about it through Feli, and while it gives me somewhat of an idea, it doesn't give me the full picture. If we’re going to revamp the mustache plan, I need to hear, in your words, what it is you expect it to do.”
“What did he tell you?” Romano replied, “Maybe that dumbass actually got it right and telling it again would be a waste of time.”
(Reader) cringed the moment Romano called his brother a dumbass, and prayed the staff did not overhear.
“Romano…you know…nevermind…”
“Don’t never mind me. Never mind is a crock of shit. What is it?”
“Can you please lay off the insults with Feli while we’re here? Please?”
“Fine, fine, I won’t say anything as long as we’re here. You do all the talking.
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RomanoxSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part Three
What we're doing doesn't have a sequel
Don't want to lose your balance
Oh you know you got to keep your equilibrium

(Reader) dragged Romano through the city streets, running in tandem with her home's heartbeat. Underneath the Labor Day sun, the city had taken on a life all its own. Children ran through the fountains, screaming and splashing through the heat. From the sidewalks, there radiated a plethora of smells—some pleasant like coffee bars, some ugly like reminders of America’s homelessness. City workers greased the light posts in anticipation of football season’s start in a few short weeks. Various food trucks huddled around city hall, desperately serving anyone they could find in hopes of generating publicity for the upcoming Food Truck fair. Along the parkway leading to the Art Museum, there stood endless rows of flags from every nation in the World Conference. Each one fluttered in the summer breeze, creating a harmonious dance of international pride. (
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RomanoxSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part Two
A is last, Z is first
Living life in reverse
‘Cause that’s the way it works
Feliciano eagerly accepted Romano’s offer to pay for a pasta lunch, especially the new gourmet place he wanted to try. Romano rolled his eyes, knowing there was going to be a $200 pasta bill on his card later that night. Compared to how much he had spent in the past two months, however, $200 seemed like nothing. There was the gas from driving (Reader) to see all of her doctors, alongside extra mafia missions to cover the copays for her visits. Every doctor's appointment was followed by something pricey, even if it was a picnic made with Italian take-out. Anything he could do to spend time with (Reader) and show her that he was a better choice than Feliciano seemed worthwhile.
Once they had the apartment to themselves, (Reader) found herself drawn to the lingering smell of warmed up pizza.
“Are you going to finish this?” she asked after taking Romano’s plate.
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RomanoXSick!Reader Spinnin' Around: Part One
I was thinking ‘bout yesterday
I was thinking’ bout tomorrow
In a dizzy kind of sort of way, like vertigo

With her parents at the beach for Labor Day weekend and her brother back at Vanderbilt, (Reader) was the happiest she had been in months. Nobody was around to belittle her for being sick, and she could play her music full blast without wondering if it was “too loud” for her parents. A temporary respite from comparisons was granted after her brother left two weeks ago. To celebrate, (Reader) treated herself to blasting 90s and 00s bubblegum pop music while cleaning up her room. Tidying was always more fun when she had music, but especially so when she had a crush on someone. The moment her heart felt the tiniest flutter, she played all of the cheesiest pop songs she could find. Even in her twenties, (Reader) believed one was never too old for the joyful infatuation that defined ‘falling in love’ at age thirteen. To her love was beautiful in
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Req.15 - Lovino by ChibiGaia Req.15 - Lovino :iconchibigaia:ChibiGaia 28 2
Mature content
I know (Romano x reader lemon) :iconim-blood-alice:Im-Blood-Alice 56 11
UK Brothers x Aspergers!Reader I wouldn't mind

In case you don't know, Asperger's is like half-way of Autism.
It is unique as Autism itself.

To those who think it is a disease,
'Don't judge what you don't know.'
Ellz12 out~ kiss

It was a few hours before you had to leave your house and go to your neighbours.
You are to be babysitter even though you are the right age to take care of yourself instead need someone to accompany you.
Just because you are diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome does not mean you are not capable of taking care of yourself.
Well, guess your mum thought wrong.
So right now, your mum got her stuff ready for her overtime at work, that's why she taking you to your neighbours for them to take care of you.
Truthfully, you've never met your neighbours: you were either too busy, don't want to go outside for any reason that you stayed in your room, or you're at your course to deal with y
:iconellz12:Ellz12 13 26
The Diva by insaneinmembrane The Diva :iconinsaneinmembrane:insaneinmembrane 2 0
Chubby!RomanoXPregnant!Reader-Cuddling in Morning
Chubby!Romano X Pregnant!Reader – Cuddling in the Morning
It was always warm it your bed. Ever since the first night you spent together, it has been warm. The sheets always smelt like powerful cologne and vanilla candles, Romano’s aroma so manly and yours soft and womanly. Romano often played blanket thief while sleeping, but tightly wrapped in his arms you couldn’t care less.
In the early morning light you examined your lover; his dark brown hair disheveled and sticking up all over the place, his olive skin smooth and pleasant to touch, his hazel eyes heavily lidded in his slumber. You had been up for a little while now but he was too comfortable, you just melted into his side wanting this little moment to last forever. And if you should stir it would all be over in an instant; he needed to feel you in his arms to sleep well, it was just like him to be temperamental even while resting.
It was a Saturday, so there was no need to rush. Soon your Saturdays’ would be f
:iconpostalcupcakes:Postalcupcakes 140 24
Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: South Italy
[Now read it here in German! Translated by alltimeOpheliac]
A small boy sat alone. It was getting dark and getting cold outside. He hugged his arms around his knees that were brought close to him.
Lovino needed to get away. He was outside his home, away from all the chaos inside. On the outside he had a normal family. He had some siblings, mainly older, and a father. There was something wrong though. Something terribly wrong. Lovino couldn't really tell that though, this life is the only one he's ever known. All he know is that it got worse after his mother...
His chubby fingers brushed over the bruises on his wrist and he winced slightly. Daddy had really held it hard, even for him. He sighed quietly, tears pricking at his brown eyes. His didn't want to go inside the house. He always avoided it. When he came home from school he sat in his yard, hiding,
:iconserenedash:SereneDash 346 203
LovinoxReader The Secret Letter
“Bloody hell love, I told you not to call me that,” said Britain responded in irritation, though a smile resisted his attempt to be angry as he turned to face the (h/c) haired girl calling to him.
“Aw, but Artie,” you whined trying to pout, only to fail as a giggle escaped your lips and a happy smile graced your face. You couldn’t help but tease him, it was too much fun. Plus, there were very few people you could get away with teasing, and you took any chance given to do so. It was the only time you were able to turn the tables and poke fun at someone else instead of being at the receiving end of the joke.
Due to being easily defensive and emotional, it took very little to set you off and throw you into a bad mood or annoy you, which meant your friends took every chance possible to do just that, saying that watching you get worked up was priceless. You on the other hand, did not enjoy their incessant teasing. It doesn’t ta
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 452 137
Mature content
RomanoxReader - Therapy :iconivorymoonn:IvoryMoonn 48 21
Beautiful| S. Italy.
Your eyes scans the white ceiling, with your thought wondering off´and acted conscious. Lovino, your boyfriend just lay beside you doing the same thing. What could be in his mind? You don’t know. The night laid upon the sky, as the moon and stars are shining. The light from the outside reflects shadow across the bed through the thin curtains. There is a time in your life, where you thought to yourself if everything you're doing is worth it. You’ve heard various opinions about life. But what it really is for you? Sure life is wonderful, but there are so many secrets about it. In the middle of the thought, a curious sensation crept onto your mind. You think about your boyfriend. What is he doing? So you glance to your side by moving the slightest bit of your head position. His eyes seem to be on the ceiling too;obviously not noticing your gaze. He seems to be thinking about... well, who knows? The gaze on his eyes shows of how deep he is in his thoughts.
The usual irrita
:iconpokkinia:pokkinia 19 0
MMD - Hetalia Romano Vargas by MarYellow MMD - Hetalia Romano Vargas :iconmaryellow:MarYellow 12 1 MMD - APH - The New Romano Model!! *w* by AriiJazmiin MMD - APH - The New Romano Model!! *w* :iconariijazmiin:AriiJazmiin 7 10 Romano Blushing (MMD) by Bella-Swan-Fan Romano Blushing (MMD) :iconbella-swan-fan:Bella-Swan-Fan 6 5 Romano Faceset -RPG Maker- by adricarra Romano Faceset -RPG Maker- :iconadricarra:adricarra 379 97 MMD Gakuen!Romano - You New Here? by AroojBasit MMD Gakuen!Romano - You New Here? :iconaroojbasit:AroojBasit 22 51 MMD Romano by lizzy-dark-rose MMD Romano :iconlizzy-dark-rose:lizzy-dark-rose 95 138 MMD Cute Romano by Aisuchuu MMD Cute Romano :iconaisuchuu:Aisuchuu 388 98



53 deviations
Just wanted to say that if you're having a bad pain day or a bad mental health day, none of it is your fault. You are a good person. You are loved. You have value in this world.
Even when you’re gone, somehow you come along
just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack
And just like that, you steal away the rain
and just like that…

“…the stuffing is done!” Feliciano exclaimed, “It’s a lot easier than it looks.”

Romano’s fifteen minutes had now turned into twenty-five, and Feliciano was getting worried about the calamari. If it sat out raw for too much longer, Romano’s gift to (Reader) was going to be a lovely case of food poisoning. The only thing that would upset Romano more than his brother stealing the birthday dinner was (Reader) getting sick from anything he prepared. (Reader) already spent too much of her life hunched over the toilet bowl from Ménière’s vertigo spells and a family that was medically negligent. Adding to (Reader)’s sickness in any capacity was the last thing Romano wanted to do, but such was inevitable if the calamari was not stuffed and boiled in the sauce. Feliciano and (Reader) took matters into their own hands and finished up dinner preparations while Romano wrapped her gifts.

“The question is,” (Reader) stated, “How is it going to make it into the calamari without me stuffing it into my face first?”

“By thinking of Romano’s delighted face when he serves you the stuffed calamari for your special birthday dinner.”

The blush on (Reader)’s cheeks enveloped her pre-applied blush and crept up her temples. It was impossible not to smile when thinking of Romano serving homemade Italian, especially in relation to the day they first met. Romano had been walking contradiction right from the start, but the one that stood out to (Reader) the most was the balance of lady killer and little boy. Of course it was suave to wine and dine a love interest with a cozy Italian dinner, but each time she had Romano’s cooking, (Reader) always saw the little boy longing for affirmation. Romano watched her closely every time he made her dinner, his eyes widened by hopes of a positive reaction. They’d soften and be accompanied by a delicate smile every time (Reader) called his food amazing. Whether or not Romano intended to let that side show, (Reader) never knew for certain.

“I can’t believe you both remembered how Mom won’t let me have calamari.”

“Well…I suggested Romano prepare you French food too, but he almost had a heart attack from thinking about it.”

“I still don’t get why he gets upset about anything that isn’t Italian food. With his talent, he could make any meal or cuisine better than any master chef on the planet.”

An unexpected scream interrupted Feliciano and (Reader)’s dinner preparations.

Dio, cazzo, dannazione!” (God, fuck, dammit!) Romano shouted from his room.

“Oh my God,” (Reader) exclaimed, “Romano, are you okay?”

Cazzo, c'è sangue dappertutto.” (Fuck, there's blood everywhere)

Sangue, like blood. Fuck! He’s bleeding? What the hell happened? God almighty, I hope he’s okay.

(Reader) dropped her knife into the kitchen sink and bolted over to Romano’s room. Feliciano chasing her while screaming, “Don’t go in there, it’s supposed to be a surprise!”

“I don’t give a fuck about surprises right now, I have to know if Romano’s okay.”

Thinking fast, Feliciano leapt in front of (Reader) and barricaded Romano’s bedroom door.

“Really, Feliciano? You do realize I can just go through the guest bathroom to get in Romano’s room, right?”

“Then I’ll push past you and block that door too.”

“What the fuck will that do to help Romano? He could be bleeding out in there for all I know and you’re worried about some meaningless surprise?”

For a minute, the apartment’s silence was overwhelming. Not even a whimper came from Romano’s room, and Feliciano’s face unexpectedly dropped. (Reader) was not sure of why both brothers stopped speaking until she thought about her phrasing. Feliciano had been helping Romano prepare what was supposed to be a surprise dinner all day, and (Reader) had no clue about the decorations Romano had set in his room. Just from looking at Feliciano, she realized Romano would interpret her question as yet another rejection of his efforts and calling him second best.

“Oh, no,” (Reader) groaned, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“How did you mean it, ragazza?” (girl) Romano growled from behind the door.

“Can you come out of your room and tell me if you want to keep everything in there secret?”

Fratello, per favore, vieni fuori. Lascia che prepari i regali. (Reader) può pulirti e voi due potete finire di cenare insieme. Prometto che vado a vedere Ludbug più tardi per poter avere l'appartamento.” (Brother, please come out. Let me prepare the presents. (Reader) can clean you and you two can finish dinner together. I promise I'll go see Ludbug later so you can have the apartment).

No, dannazione! Hai rovinato tutto di nuovo! Qualunque cosa tu le abbia detto, l'hai convinta che tutto ciò che ho fatto per lei era inutile. Vai via, entrambi. Passerò il resto della mia giornata qui.” (No, dammit! You ruined everything again! Whatever you said to (Reader), you convinced her that everything I did for her was useless. Go away, both of you. I'll spend the rest of my day here).

What the hell is going on? Please…prepare presents. Promise that I’ll go see Ludbug later…apartment for you…Dammit. You ruined everything—okay, Romano, now you’re just being an asshole—whatever you said…convinced her that what I do for her is uselesswhy do you meatball heads insist on speaking for me when you fightspend rest of day…here?

(Reader) bolted for the guest bathroom as Feliciano continued yelling at Romano in Italian. It wasn’t until Feliciano heard the clicking of heels that he realized (Reader) was gone.

“Feli, go to Ludwig’s,” (Reader) said, “Whatever’s left with dinner and such, I’ll take care of it.”

“No fucking way,” Romano shouted, “Both of you, get out!”

Feliciano sighed and finished preparing the stuffed calamari, figuring the least he could do was get it boiling in the sauce before he left.

With a slam, (Reader) locked the guest bathroom door, making certain Feliciano was unable to come inside. Noticing that the door to Romano’s bedroom was closed, she quickly thought of a plan.

“Romano, listen to me,” (Reader) said, “I got enough Italian to understand that you’re bleeding, and if you can’t walk or have lost too much blood, I’m coming into your room. I’m sorry about my clumsy phrasing earlier…what I meant to say was that it’s more important to me that you’re safe and okay. If you need medical attention or to go to the hospital, that’s what matters most. If making sure you’re safe means not having the surprise, then I’d rather lose the surprise.”

There was another long pause before (Reader) continued, “You can always surprise me another time…but if you’re hurt, we have to get you help. Now, if you’re not badly hurt, please come into the bathroom so I can see what happened to you.”

“I…” Romano started, “I’m not sure if I can grasp the door. Can you get it for me?”

“Of course.”

“Promise you won’t look in my room?”

Io…prometto (I promise)…I said it right, right?”

A knock on the bathroom door signaled Romano’s arrival.

Sí, tesoro,” (Yes, darling/treasure) Romano said as (Reader) opened the door, “You said it right.”

(Reader) gasped upon seeing the back of Romano’s left hand. Though partially concealed by a small blue washcloth, she could tell he at least had a small gash.

“What happened?”

“Wrapping presents with chorea was not my best idea,” Romano confessed.

“Let’s get you over to the sink and see if you need stitches.”

Ragazza, I—”

With a tug on his wrist, Romano gave into (Reader)’s demands, knowing full well it was his choice not to pull away. Initially afraid that (Reader) would be disgusted by all the blood, Romano quelled his own mind by thinking of what she did for him a week earlier.

What the hell are you so afraid of, you sissy? (Reader) running away because you’re bleeding? This is the woman who bathed you when you were suicidal, remember dumbass? She could have run away then, but she didn’t—even when she was stumbling and falling from Ménière’s, she stayed to take care of you. She’s not going to care about bleeding if she thinks you’re in trouble…even if she did get grossed out by those spaghetti horror movies Buttcrotch loves so much.

Lifting the washcloth from his hand, (Reader) ran her fingers around the wound. The bleeding had slowed, but it was still enough to warrant a bandage.

“Do you have any gauze, medical tape, and antibiotic ointment?” she asked.

“In the medicine cabinet over the sink.”

“Run your hand under the water while I get the supplies.”

Swirls of blood mingled with the icy stream falling over his hand. Romano hissed as the water aggravated every nerve in his cut.

“What got you so nervous today, Romano?”

“What makes you think I was nervous?”

“For illnesses like ours, stress and anxiety are huge triggers. Last time your chorea was this bad, you were freaked out about impressing my parents and dealing with suicidal ideations.”

Stroking his right arm, (Reader) continued, “What’s going on that’s got you stressed”

I can’t tell you now, and I won’t stop being stressed until you’ve said “yes.”

Romano sighed and said, “I’m…I’m not ready to tell you yet, okay, (Reader)? Can it please wait until tomorrow morning?”

“Not if it’s going to hurt you. Whatever it is, you can’t keep it inside. It’s going to come out whether you want it to or not, and I’d rather you say it than bleed it.”

There’s got to be something I can say to hold her off until tomorrow.

“I…I just want everything to be perfect for you, (Reader). Cause, you really deserve it, you know?”

(Reader) squirted antibiotic ointment onto Romano’s left hand and gently massaged it into his cut. A small brush tinted Romano’s cheeks as her fingertips ran across his skin, her nail polish glittering under the bathroom lights. It never ceased to amaze Romano how strong (Reader)’s tiny hands could be. With just one touch, she could bring him pleasure, revive his depressed heart, and put back together anything about him that seemed broken. Sometimes Romano wondered if (Reader) understood the depths of the power she held over him.

“Romano, I know you well enough to know that when you talk about something being perfect, you’re worried that you’re not good enough or you’re second best. If you don’t want to tell me what’s got you feeling that way right now, that’s fine, and if it was my clumsy mouth, I’m sorry a thousand times over.”

“That’s not it,” Romano said, “You really do deserve everything to be perfect, (Reader)…and I’m probably the most fucked up person on the planet that I know and far from perfect.”

You think you’re the most fucked up person, Romano? You clearly don’t know what fucked up is. People in “polite” society where I’m from telling kids they got sick because it’s God’s will are fucked up. Teachers who won’t give you disability accommodations in class are fucked up. My parents are fucked up for refusing to believe I’m sick. My piece of shit mother who called you damaged goods is fucked up, and don’t get me started on boys who chase down girls who are sick just so they can manipulate them. You’re far from fucked up, Romano. Temperamental, insecure, unable to say your feelings, and a bit of a crybaby, yes…but fucked up? No way.

“Is this about my mother saying you’re damaged goods again?”

“We both know she’s a cagna (bitch), so no.”

“Then where is this coming from?”

“I just…I don’t understand why you’d want to spend time with me if I can’t give you whatever you want and all the good things you deserve that your family doesn’t give you.”

Romano winced as (Reader) pushed the gauze especially hard against his hand. Strip by strip, she taped the gauze to his tanned skin, making sure to add extra pieces to keep the dressing secure.

“Well, you make me laugh, to start. You’re an amazing chef, and I love seeing what you can do with food. You’ve been amazing with how you take care of me…not just in getting me through attacks and taking me to the doctor, but in keeping me smiling the entire time. You listen to me when I ramble on about random things, instead of telling me I’m narcissistic and a bad listener.”

Ah yes, the fight she had with her mother and brother over the summer.

“You play with me in all the right ways,” she continued, “Even if it does make you look a bit silly…and you help me stay grounded in the present and remember the good things I sometimes forget from being surrounded by “polite” society people. And what about when we made fun of the neurologist because she forgot I was partially deaf?”

“But you speak so well,” Romano said in a mocking voice, “It’s so easy to forget. Yeah, kinda like how it’s easy to forget you have an MD when you can’t keep (Reader)’s illnesses straight.”

“Yeah, exactly…you’re not afraid of mocking the ignorant fuckers who say awful things about disability, and you’re fucking hilarious when you do. Believe me, there are a lot of reasons I’d spend time with you, with or without you taking me everywhere and given me lots of things…but there are a lot of things you take me too that wouldn’t be anywhere half as good without you.”

Before Romano had a chance to react, (Reader) grabbed his left hand and kissed every inch that was not covered by dressing. (Reader) started to kiss up Romano’s arm, his blush intensifying as her red lipstick trailed across his skin. Wrapping both arms around his waist, (Reader) nibbled on Romano’s neck, pressing every inch of his body against hers. Still in her high heels, (Reader) towered four inches over Romano’s 5’6 frame, but such gave her an advantage when leaving love bites.

Struggling between jagged breaths, Romano said, “I think we need to continue this in the kitchen…the calamari’s going to burn if we stay here for too much longer.”

“Right,” she replied, brushing his hair off of his forehead to give him one more kiss.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Could you take off your shoes before we go to the kitchen? It’s a lot easier for me to kiss you when we’re much closer in height.”

“Sure thing, no problem!”

Tossing her shoes into the hallway, (Reader) lost about three inches.

“I feel so tiny,” (Reader) exclaimed

“I think your height is perfect,” Romano replied.

(Reader) was about to pull Romano into another kiss when he backed away. Amidst her frustration, she let out a small gasp.

“Not yet,” he said, “Save that passion for the food.”

 Romano kissed (Reader)’s forehead before leading her back into the kitchen.
You make me smile like the sun
fall out of bed, sing like a bird
dizzy in my head…

“…spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night,” (Reader) sang with the radio as she fluttered out of her fitting room. “Smile” by Uncle Kracker was sweet even when her crushes were limited to celebrity fantasies. Meeting Romano made the song so adorable that (Reader) could not sit still. The caffeinated butterflies from the touch of Romano’s hand returned to lift her from the ground and send her into an enamored tizzy.

“Erm, isn’t that the opposite of how you want to feel on your birthday?” Michelle asked.

“Oh come on, guys, it’s just the song! It just makes me happy and want to bounce all over the place because it sounds like cuteness and falling in love.”

Mabel could not contain her laughter and nearly fell out of her power chair. (Reader) leapt across the floor, the skirt of her dress twirling as she danced the tarantella with an imaginary Romano. Other patrons in the Guess store smiled, her joy infectious in every movement. Some paid compliments to the dress she tried on, saying how perfect it was for her. Thanking them for their kind words was the right thing to do, but Mabel, Michelle, and (Reader) all knew they were complimenting the wrong thing. A piece of clothing only carries as much life as its wearer, and through each note of “Smile”, (Reader) brought the vibrancy of cupid’s arrows to a simplistic red halter dress. Her touch would have been apparent regardless, having paired the dress with a black pleather waist belt, black grommet boots, and a tastefully understated military jacket. Regardless of how one styled a dress, no accessory rivaled a smitten woman’s vibrancy when frocked in red.

“You have to get this dress,” Mabel said, “It’s so perfect for you!”

Michelle was about to speak until she glanced at Mabel’s power chair. After getting jabbed in the shins over lunch, it seemed to risky to blurt out what she wanted to say. If she did not get jabbed or run over by Mabel, she would get yelled at by Romano for potentially ruining the surprises of the weekend. How she longed to tell (Reader) that she would need to wear more red and green after the weekend was over. That the red Guess dress was the perfect complement for the hunter green bandage dress from Bebe with all the gold buckles. Swallowing her urge to blab, Michelle did the next best thing and jumped out of the fitting room in a swanky turquoise dress, joining (Reader) in a colorful performance of romance in bloom. Summer blue swirling with rose red as the two friends sighed in their dance. Mabel swiveled alongside them, joining their color brigade with swaying purple tips.

Sometimes it was harder for (Reader) to decide what she loved more about love: the enjoyment of someone interweaving with her heart, or the way said enjoyment tightened her friendships.

Alongside the red dress, (Reader) left with a burgundy sweater vest, trimmed with a faux fur collar. (Reader) was excited to take both home until she saw the cost on the register. The vest in and of itself would have been enough to break her budget. Combined with the dress, (Reader) found herself hemming and hawing to choose.

“Get the dress!” Michelle exclaimed, “You know Romano’s going to love to see you in it, and think about how much we were twirling in them back there.”

“You’ve got so many dresses though,” Mabel noted, “You’ve never had a fur trimmed vest before, and it would be a great addition to your wardrobe.”

The salesperson gestured for (Reader) to lean in over the counter.

“I can take off another forty percent,” she said.

“Tell me if I heard that right,” (Reader) hesitated, turning her good ear towards the salesperson, “You said you’d…take off…thirty percent?”

“No, forty.”

“Are you serious?”

(Reader) was eager to accept, but found herself unexpectedly stopped by an unwanted visitor.

“You can’t accept something like this Think of the other person. You’re putting them at risk for their job, and for what? Just because you look pretty? That’s as stupid as having a sweet sixteen, I won’t allow it. How dare you even think about being this selfish in the first place. You don’t ever think about other people. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be late anywhere, and you wouldn’t accept anything like this from another person. You always said you wanted to be independent when you grew up, right? You really think taking something like this is being independent? Humph, you’re not even grateful for what you got for your birthday, or you wouldn’t consider taking the discount. I can’t even believe you’d let someone pay this much for you anyway.”

Any smile (Reader) had on her face gradually faded as her mother’s voice echoed louder in her mind. Some of the words were exact quotations from previous fights while others were sentiments expressed in passing conversations. The louder her mother became, the harder it was for her to accept anything nice. (Reader) considered walking out of Guess and stopping her shopping spree with the dress from Bebe, pretending it was more than enough just to silence her mother’s voice. Thinking about the notions of being ‘grateful’ and ‘independent’ made (Reader) want to hide from the world, feeling like the only way she could ever express both was through invisibility. ‘Grateful’ in that she should take anything her mother gave, regardless of whether or not she actually wanted it. ‘Independent’ in that she should not accept sushi from her friends, allow them to add extra money for gifts, or take the discount from the salesperson at Guess.

“After seeing you in that dress and that vest, they have to be yours! You’re just too happy in them not to have them. Just don’t tell anyone, okay?”

With a few keyboard clicks, the final price was radically slashed.

“Yes,” Michelle said, “She’ll take it!”

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe someone could be so amazing to a stranger. Just…wow…to see all of this kindness after how Mom behaved on my birthday. The discounts. The extra money. The sushi boat and the fried ice cream. I don’t know what to say! I just want to hug everyone right now because everyone’s making me feel so amazing and so…wanted. I don’t know how else to describe it! I just can’t believe people would want to be this nice to me!

A push from Michelle was all (Reader) needed to give the salesperson her card. Michelle could tell right away that (Reader)’s hesitation was connected to her mother…again. The discount was hardly the first thing (Reader) struggled to accept because of her mother’s voice. Dresses were superficial compared to having a flamboyant and vibrant personality, rather than self-abnegating and submissive. In a household based in traditional values, wherein the mother always held power over the children, (Reader) found herself in frequent clashes that she could never win. For all the promises and sympathies Reader’s dad offered in fights, his alliance was always with (Reader)’s mother. The combination of Dad’s enablement and Mom’s temper was enough to make (Reader) feel broken if she imagined doing anything her mother would dislike. Had Michelle and Mabel not been around, (Reader)’s life would have been far more closed off.

“Thanks,” (Reader) said as they walked out of Guess, “I needed that.”

“Heck yeah you did,” Michelle said, “I could see everything on your face the moment you hesitated to say ‘yes.’”

“(Reader),” Mabel noted, “You’ve got to remember the world is not your mother. You’re not going to get screamed at if you accept too much generosity. It’s not “charity” or “mooching” or any of those fucking “polite” society rules your mother always talks about.”

“Besides, it’s your birthday. What’s wrong with properly celebrating it? Getting what you want and being happy with it? Absolutely nothing if you ask me.”

“Exactly. That’s why Mom and I agreed to treat you to the sushi boat today.”

“Yeah, and exactly why Romano’s been slaving in the kitchen all afternoon to make you a seven course Italian dinner from scratch.”

“HE’S WHAT?!” (Reader) exclaimed, cupping her hands over her mouth.

Romano’s cooking is so amazing, and with the way he likes to prepare everything, he must have been working on it all afternoon! Oh wow, Roma, you really are the best boyfriend in the world. I mean, I know you haven’t said anything to make it official yet, but with how amazing you are, I can’t really see you any other way. I love these dresses I’ve gotten to pieces and lunch with the girls was amazing…but holy shit, you making me dinner, Romano, that’s going to be the best parts of my birthday! Coming back to Feli’s place and you happy to see me with home cooked gourmet…it’ll be the best at-home birthday I’ve ever had! Just thinking about it now makes me feel all warm and fluttery and like dancing! If there’s ever a cure for me feeling bad after something Mom does, it’s you. You and all the food you make at home.

“Michelle,” Mabel hissed, “That was supposed to be part of the surprise!”

(Reader) was hardly able to contain her excitement, bouncing on her toes and shrieking “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! Romano you are the most amazing man in the entire universe and when I get over to your place I’m going to kiss you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week! God, what did I do to deserve someone as amazing and awesome as you, ‘cause I wanna keep doing it for as long as possible.”

Any bad feelings created by her mother were thrown to the back of (Reader)’s mind. In spite of wearing heavy blush, (Reader) managed to turn so scarlet that her blush looked invisible. Her smile became so large that it threatened to split her face in half. Thinking back to the Guess store radio, (Reader) began to sing “Smile” again as she bounced on her toes through the mall.

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

The smell of warm tomatoes permeated throughout the apartment as Romano and Feliciano continued to prepare (Reader)’s dinner. Marinara sauce gently simmered on the stove, alongside creamy tomato basil soup, causing Romano to sneak bites of tomato in between stirs. Knowing he could not make a seven course meal without eating at least a dozen tomatoes, Romano bought extras at the farmer’s market. Asking him to not eat tomatoes when their smell was so strong was like asking him not to breathe: simply impossible. Romano skipped breakfast so he could gorge himself on tomatoes while still having room for (Reader)’s birthday dinner. Any little thing he could do to make her birthday perfect was worthwhile, even if it left him frustrated, cranky, or worse yet, smelly.

Time gripped Romano tightly as he pulled the calamari from the fridge and gutted it over the kitchen sink. Buying a pre-cut piece would have been preferable, but Romano’s budget only gave him enough for whole calamari. Romano refused to settle for anything less than the perfect birthday dinner he had envisioned for the past week, after learning (Reader)’s mother would not allow calamari in the house. One incident of food poisoning thirty years earlier was enough to keep her from ever eating it again, or tolerating it beyond (Reader)’s brother eating rings of it in restaurants. Between yet another restriction from (Reader)’s mother and seafood being a staple of southern Italian cuisine, Romano knew stuffed calamari was the perfect dish for (Reader)’s birthday. It was a gift of liberation straight from his heart, and one he knew (Reader) would treasure.

Now the trick was getting the calamari fully prepared and taking a shower before (Reader) arrived. Calamari may taste amazing on the plate, but its raw smell was one Romano hardly called seductive. The likelihood of (Reader) enjoying roses and strawberries beneath his sheets would drastically decrease if he smelled like the fish market. Romano longed to get the calamari into the pot as quickly as possible, but he also knew it was too delicate to rush. One mistake and (Reader)’s birthday dinner would be over before it even began.

Fratello,” (Brother) Feliciano chirped, “I finished making all the spaghetti. We’ve got enough to serve twelve people for dinner tonight.”

“Great, whatever,” Romano grumbled as he pulled the calamari half.

Feliciano winced as he watched the innards separate from the cephalopod’s body.

“You didn’t buy one pre-cleaned?”

“I only had enough for one that was whole.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would have chipped in.”

“Because this is my gift to (Reader), dammit! This is my dinner. My cooking. I only asked you to be part of it to make sure she got it on time! She’ll be here at six thirty, and I want everything piping hot on the table when she arrives!”

“That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have helped with the calamari. It would be your gift to her, even if I paid extra.”

No fucking way am I letting another man pay for anything for (Reader), especially you, Buttcrotch. I want her to be my girlfriend, and I have to show her I can give her anything she wants! If you step in, you’ll take her away from me and I can’t let that happen.

Non ho bisogno della tua cazzo di beneficenza, dannazione! Posso fornire (Reader) me stesso! Che tipo di uomo pensi che io sia?” (I don't need your fucking charity, goddammit! I can provide for (Reader) myself! What kind of man do you think I am?)

Ho appena pensato…” (I just thought)

“You just thought you could come in and take (Reader) away from me by taking over my birthday dinner for her?”

“Romano, I would never do anything like that. I just thought you’d want some help. Haven’t you even wrapped her presents yet?”

“DAMMIT! I knew I forgot something! Fuck, it’s five thirty already, and I’m not done with dinner!”

“It’s okay if you need me to take over. This will still be your dinner even if I do more than you originally had in mind.”

“Yeah, and how do you know that? You’re already making the spaghetti. I don’t want you making anything else and then pretend it’s mine.”

So che questo è il tuo regalo (Reader). Ho fatto gli spaghetti solo perché so che sei nervoso.” (I know this is your gift to (Reader). I only made the spaghetti because I know you're nervous).

Che cazzo ti fa pensare che sono nervoso? Non voglio che ti rovini tutto come fai sempre!” (What the fuck makes you think I'm nervous? I don't want you ruining everything the way you always do!)

“You don’t have to pretend with me, fratello. I know how much she means to you. It’s written all over your face every time she comes over.”

Romano sighed and rested his elbows on the counter, sinking his head into his hands.

If I can’t get her birthday or anything else right for her, what kind of boyfriend could I ever be? What right do I have to ask someone as amazing as her to be with me if I can’t give her something as simple as a good birthday?

“I wasn’t lying to you when I told you that you make sorella (sister) happy, and no matter how dinner turns out, I know she’ll love it. She loves Italian food, especially if it’s yours. She always has. Don’t you remember how she ran away with half of your pizza at my party?”

Romano chuckled, thinking of how deliciously adorable (Reader) looked while shoving his pizza into her face. It was a castoff meal simply made to get Feliciano off his back about helping with party preparations, yet somehow, (Reader) thought it was the best pizza she had ever tasted.

“Yeah…I do…”

“It’s not like you were even trying that hard when making pizza anyway, and she still thought it was great. With a meal you’ve put your heart into, she’ll know. She’ll be able to taste it, and it’ll be better than anything she could get in a restaurant?”

With a small gasp, Romano fought to hold back tears. This was the first time Feliciano had anything truly nice to say about him since they were children.

(Reader)…you’re not here and you still make my life better. Buttcrotch just said something nice about me for the first time in years thanks to you.

“Y-you really mean it…Veneziano?”

Lo voglio, fratello. Lo voglio.” (I do, brother. I do)

Romano swallowed a wad of snot and choked out, “Grazie.”

“Now, let me ask you again. Do you need me to take over or not?”

Romano was about to blurt out “cazzo, no” (fuck, no) when his left hand began to shake.

Fucking chorea.

Hiding his hand from Feliciano, Romano nodded and stammered, “I have to go wrap (Reader)'s presents. They really need to look nice, you know?”

Before Feliciano could say anything, Romano bolted into his bedroom, trying to reach under his bed with his right hand. Grabbing the wrapping paper was easy, but grasping each gift was difficult, especially with his steady hand threatening to shake. Stress was one of the worst triggers for chorea attacks, and the obsessive planning for (Reader)’s birthday was starting to wear him thin.

I really hope you adore your birthday celebration, (Reader), and all the gifts I have for you.

Just as his fingers traced over her gifts, there was abrupt knock at the door. Romano’s worst fears were confirmed when he overheard Feliciano shout, “SORELLA! Buon compleanno!” (SISTER! Happy birthday!)

Grazie, Feli!” she exclaimed, her voice loud and booming.

“You’re here earlier than I thought. It’s only 6:00.”

“I couldn’t stay away once Michelle told me what Romano was doing for dinner.”

Goddammit, Michelle! This was supposed to be a fucking surprise. You’re damn lucky you’re a girl or I’d fucking kill you!

“I see she still can’t keep a secret.”

“No, she really can’t…but it just made shopping that much better because well…I couldn’t stop thinking about Romano the entire time.”

Romano chuckled and shouted, “You’re really bad at whispering, (Reader). You know that, right?”

“No shit, Romano. I’m partially deaf…but you can’t blame me for trying, right?”

“I guess not…all right, ragazza (girl) , I’ll be out in five minutes.”

(Reader) and Feliciano giggled, knowing “five minutes” from Romano meant at least fifteen.


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